BluFX Risk Management Technology

Risk management is a crucial part of the BluFX project, and our multi-layered proprietary risk management system - which now includes AI technology (Artificial Intelligence) - has been the key to our success. Simply put our automatic algorithmic system takes the management of trading book hedging and multi source matching strategies to the next level.

So - how does our AI work?

The more trader data we collect, the better our behavioural models - and the better we are able to manage overall risk. This, in turn, ensures our promoted traders generate better returns. Our risk AI underpins the whole BluFX platform and guarantees a win-win solution for our star traders as well as the firm.

Our innovative risk management system is so effective that we now license versions of it to some of the main HFT firms and FX Brokers.

The diagram below illustrates the interaction between liquidity providers, BluFX Tech and other intermediaries.

Trading digrams

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