Top 5 asked questions

1. Why a subscription-based trading service?

An alternative to a traditional personal brokerage account. Subscription means a regular fixed cost for your trading activities. With BluFX, traders who subscribed to our service receive a 50K funded account to conduct all their speculations. Subscribers are not liable for any loss on their unsuccessful trades yet they receive the full profit potential from their successful trades. The subscription fee model allows traders to fix the cost of their trading and to remove the risk of unlimited personal loss..

2. How much unlimited trading activity does the subscription fee buy ?

The subscription cycle is 30 days. For your account to stay active you will need to make a payment before your subscription expiry date. Flexibility is the main strength of the BluFX Project. You may start and stop trading after each subscription cycle. Your account and trading platform will be ready to go when you are ready to continue.

3. What trading platform do you use?

We use the most popular platform which is currently MT4.

4. What is the process for withdrawals?

You get paid for earning 5% of your initial balance. At any time, an account has at least 5% in profit, a request for withdrawal can be submitted. The 5% amount will be removed from the trading account. The traders 50% profit share will then be transferred to the trader’s bank account or PayPal. There is no limit to the number of withdrawal requests however all money is sent on the 25th of each month.

5. What are the methods of payment for withdrawal?

We make payments via PayPal or Bank Transfer.



Our support team are available between 9:00am -5:30pm Monday - Friday

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